How We Help

HR Representatives

MVP is an extension of your team.

We are here to do the heavy-lifting when it comes to the administration and compliance of your company-sponsored retirement plan. We understand you have a lot on your plate, and we want to do as much as we can for the overall operation of the retirement plan.

MVP’s process is to have transparent, concise communication with you so you have a clear understanding of the information we need for your plan to operate most efficiently. We also integrate with many payroll vendors to make the process even more seamless.

Most of all, we understand you’re busy, so you can trust us to keep the plan on track and running efficiently. We will get in touch with you when action is needed on your end, but won’t divert your attention from your priority – your business.

With MVP on your side, you and your employees can be confident on the path to retirement.

Assisting you in keeping track of operations
Serving Your Team

MVP is not an investment advisor or investment custodian. We work with the advisor you choose and can work with most any investment custodian.  We work hard to provide useful tools to the advisor in educating plan participants. SmartPlan video education is one of the tools, take a look!

The role in which MVP serves your company’s retirement plan is determined by the plan’s arrangement and your employer. If MVP is appointed record-keeper for your retirement plan, we provide you and your employees with many useful tools to operate and navigate the plan.

As record-keepers, MVP will provide online access to the plan sponsor, plan participant, and the plan’s advisor. Important features like useful reporting, notifications for the plan’s overall operation, investment information, performance, and much more is available. We also have a series of educational videos for the plan participants that will assist them with saving for retirement.

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