What We Do

Really, what we do is help you define your retirement. Whether you are a plan participant, plan sponsor, or financial advisor we give you our resources and knowledge for you to use as you want. You can be a participant trying to set your path toward a financially independent retirement, a plan sponsor seeking the best and most affordable retirement design for you and your employees, or a financial advisor striving to serve your clients efficiently and effectively. Below are the specific ways we help you define your retirement.


This is the heart of what we do. The continual compliance of the plan is our primary focus. The following services are all standard with us and included in our quoted fees:

  • Plan design consultation
  • Plan document completion including all related participant information and notices
  • Completion of all required compliance testing
  • Completion of an annual compliance summary with action items and recommendations for the plan sponsor
  • Signature-ready Form 5500
  • Processing of Loans and Distributions
  • Processing of QDROs
  • Audit support for large plans
  • Preparation of Required Minimum Distributions


Most of our clients use MVP as a daily valuation record-keeper, as well. By using our advanced daily valuation record-keeping technology plan participants, sponsors, and advisors have access to cutting-edge, on-demand tools and reports. We offer DailyVest PlanAnalytics for sponsors and advisors to analyze monthly data and generate helpful reports to support their fiduciary roles. We offer vWise’s SmartPlan Enterprise which are studio produced online enrollment and education videos. These videos will yield greater participant savings and better participant outcomes.

  • Daily Valuation
  • Balance Forward Valuation
  • Participant, Plan Sponsor, and Advisor web access
  • Participant statements
  • Online participant forms and information like the SPD, QDIA Notice, etc…
  • Online reporting – on demand, monthly, quarterly, and annually
  • Reconciliation of investments
  • Processing of advisor/plan sponsor/participant investment changes
  • Investment and fee disclosure notices to the plan sponsor
  • 1099R completion

What We Do That’s Different

Not only are our standard services extensive, but we offer still more for you!

  • IRS and DOL compliant mail delivery of all participant notices, reports, and disclosures directly to the participant’s home address.
  • We only charge $1.50 per participant per mailing!
  • MVP will serve as a limited fiduciary for no additional charge! This is stated in our Service Agreement and covers the processing of loans, distributions, and QDROs to plan document interpretation.
  • Free initial plan design showing you what you can achieve with your retirement plan.
  • Participant eligibility tracking based upon complete plan sponsor payroll data.
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