Who We Are

Who Are We?

Glad you asked. From day one MVP has been a privately held, independent record-keeping and administration firm dedicated to serving employer-sponsored retirement plans.

Our firm is based in Cary, NC, but we work with clients all around the nation. We work closely with our industry partners to serve our clients and plan participants to meet the unique needs and objectives of their Plan.

Our team of experienced, accredited professionals is always looking for the best way to benefit our valued clients. Our customer-centric approach allows us to adapt our services and our plan design consultation to you.

We understand that your company is different than it was 10 years ago and your retirement plan for your employees should be able to grow alongside your company. We provide the technology and personalized service you deserve so plan participants can have peace of mind and define their own retirement.

Our services are a reflection of who we are – honest, dedicated, customer-focused industry leaders.  We will never sell investment products, profit from the investment choices our clients make, or compromise our core principles. Our goal is to serve you and your team.

Looking to work with an industry leader that always keeps your retirement plan as our top priority?  Let us help you define your retirement. Give us a call.

We want our services to be a reflection of who we are
MVP Principles
To serve others by designing, administering and consulting on the best possible employer-sponsored retirement plans.
To show that it is possible to provide an increasing level of care and service in an ever-changing retirement plan industry.
To devote our resources and retirement plan knowledge to help others.


Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose stated above are our philosophy.  We make each of these a reality by hiring experienced and dedicated MVPers who not only implement these, but believe them.

MVP accomplishes our philosophy by never selling investments, but understanding their importance and the participants’ needs; never profiting from investments, but making sure that the participants are the ones who benefit; never hiding our fees, but making sure they are communicated clearly; and never taking the simple approach to our clients’ needs, but crafting the best plans possible.